Daily Prayer 09/14/2019

Good morning Lord... I just had to correct a typo that said ‘God’s morning Lord’

I think that was more fitting... this is Your morning and day. You have made this according to Your will and design. The colors in the sky are Yours and the song from every bird belongs to You and You alone. Your beauty makes us remember... You make an impact... we see the ocean or mountains streams and canyons and we close our eyes and never forget. This is true with Your miracles and blessings! Let us close our eyes and remember Your Goodness in our lives. Thank You for touching our lives. Thank You for Salvation and forgiveness... for removing the shackles from our spirits and letting us fly with strength the closer we get to You! Thank You for providing for us and for protecting us from the inside out. Thank You for removing sickness and for bringing health strength and Your power to our every move. Hear our thanksgiving as we take a breath, close our eyes and and name what we r grateful for one by one. We love You Lord! Thank You for daily multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen! 🙏❤️

(By C. Charles Richards)


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