Daily Prayer 09/21/2019

Thank you Lord for this brand new day and for Your attentive ear to this morning and to us all night long. You are always with us! Thank you for bringing comfort to things we don’t understand and thank You Lord for attending to our prayers! We ask that You be with the people in Texas and those who are hurting. Those who are fighting for health and those who need to hear Your voice today and feel your presence! Thank You Lord that we can call on you and we know that You are there. Thank You for provision protection healing restoration peace quiet and Your power! Thank You for encouragement joy that comes in the morning and Your constant love for us! Thank You Lord for all Your good gifts and for caring for our every need! Thank You for daily multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen!🙏❤️(By C. Charles Richards)


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