Daily Prayer 10/10/2019

Thank You Lord for this day and for Your promises that dwell deep inside of it. Thank You for beauty. Open our eyes Lord so we can see and remain in Your blessings and miracles that are all around us. You Lord are worthy of all our praise. When we are in the valley, You walk along side never leaving us or forsaking us. And on the mountain top, You are there in continuum, each time showing us Your plan and Your ways that are not our ways. Thank You for Your tether and yoke that keeps us tightly woven to You. Thank You for what we learn even when we struggle to understand Your meaning. Help us Lord to remain in You and override what is not of You. We desire Your freedom and Your glory. We bow before You and humbly thank You with gratitude for all You have done and are doing in our lives... even in the dark Your hand of security is felt. Thank You Lord, Thank You! Thank You for strength, protection, provision, healing power, and Your peace. Teach us Oh Lord and help us to learn. Thank You for favor, blessings, and miracles, a supernatural touch on the work of our hands, and for open doors and opportunities that come from unexpected places. Thank You Lord for always multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen! 🙏❤️ (By C. Charles Richards)


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