Daily Prayer 10/25/2019

Good morning Lord and thank You for this day. Thank You for walking with us in such a way that You teach us in just the way we need to learn. You are speaking our language and You are telling us things in our own private language. You speak to our hearts, minds and spirits. You speak to us through friends the Word and things we see and hear. You are always molding us and making us. You are forming us according to Your plan. Thank You for every step and every inch of our closeness and progress in You. Thank You for breath, health, provision protection and Your power in our lives. Thank You for hope, endurance and for blessing all of our skills as unto You and You alone. Thank You for focus, open doors and opportunities that come from unexpected places. Thank You for the harvesting of the seeds planted and watered. Thank You for being with those we love and pray for. You are a Good Father Lord. Cleanse us and fill us with Your Holy Spirit! Thank You for the shelter of Your wings and for daily multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen! 🙏❤️ (By C. Charles Richards)


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