Daily Prayer 11/03/2019

Thank You Lord for this great day and for the plans You have within its hours. We do not know what is in store, but we do know You are with us. Your Holy Angels are sent to surround us and those we love everywhere they go and in everything we do. We know Your word promises that You draw near as we draw near to You! Thank You Lord for cleansing us from the inside out and for showing us how to walk each step. Thank You Lord for our priorities and how they are set by You. Thank You for strength, healing, restoration, provision and protection. Thank You for Your miracles already proven in every way. Thank You for making us unmoved in our devotion and like trees planted by the rivers. Where our leaves will never wither and we will bear fruit in season! You know us so well Lord, keep our prayers in a continuous fashion and let our lives be pleasing to You! Thank You Lord for working things out on our behalf and for daily multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen! 🙏❤️ (By C. Charles Richards)


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