Daily Prayer 11/12/2019

Thank You Lord. Thank You for eyes open until eyes closed... in the day and in life. Thank I for giving us purpose in You and a meaning for our breath. Thank You for filling us with Your love and showing us how to share that love with others! Thank You for Divine appointments and honor to our words and actions. Thank Lord for favor open doors and for breathing new life into dormant and sometimes painful areas. Thank You for health and joy that brings good medicine to our bodies and souls and thank You for hearing our prayers when we cry and when words can’t explain our struggles. Yet You alone are Master and Creator and You hear us when we call. You walk with us and You cleanse us and make us new. What a beautiful name and powerful name is Jesus! Thank You for provision protection healing restoration and strength! Thank You for daily multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen!! 🙏❤️ (By C. Charles Richards)


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