Daily Prayer 11/19/2019

Thank You Lord for this brand new day. Sometimes when we pay attention we can see the way You make a brand new sky. You are drawing all the time Lord. Your art is all around us! Sometimes the sky is clear and sometimes even when the clouds are dark, You are telling us what’s coming. Sometimes there are wisps that if we watch long enough, there are peace that comes to our soul. Still You are in everything. Your peace, Your love, Your design is in all things. Thank You for making us Your workmanship and designing us to Your perfect plan. Thank You for carving away what is not necessary and leaving what You intend. You are Good and Holy and there is nothing to compare. Thank You Lord for health, protection, healing, restoration, protection, guidance and peace for all Your children. Wherever they may be and whatever they may face, under this new sunrise. We love You Lord thank You for blessings and miracles and for daily multiplying and magnifying our gifts for Your glory! In Jesus name Amen! 🙏❤ (By C. Charles Richards)


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